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Tenants' National Organization - LLO

At the departmental meeting in September 2019, the tenants unanimously decided that Søndermarken will be affiliated with LLO (Tenants' National Organization in the Capital).

Your benefits as a resident of Søndermarken
We receive free independent advice and case assistance regarding our own apartment on, for example, maintenance, improvement work, re-housing, prevention of relocation bills, heating accounts, etc. We have the same opportunities as with an individual membership. All residents can contact the LLO themselves without delay and ask for advice.

Read more on LLO's website:

How to get in touch with LLO Capital
Phone: 3311 3075. Phone hours: Monday - Thursday at 10 am - 4 pm, Friday closed.

In any case, you must provide our association number, which is on the printed newsletter distributed to all residents. You must also provide your name, address, telephone number and preferably e-mail.

Login to the website
On the front page of LLO's website you can log in to the member network:
The username and password appear in the printed newsletter distributed to all residents.
Note: Password changes periodically, see the latest in the latest issue of the membership page.

If you cannot find the association number or log in to the LLO website, you can write to the departmental board.

You receive LLO's member magazine 'We Renters' 4 times a year.

The departmental board would like to hear about your experience with LLO. As always, you can write to: